3 Ways to Reduce Bath Tissue Waste

3 Ways to Reduce Bath Tissue Waste

We all know those toilet paper wasters who spin the wheel to dispense enough paper to wrap around the world three times. Shame. Shame. We know their names! An often unfortunate consequence is leaving the next stall user wishing for a single … [Read more...]

Arc Flash PPE Compliance: What You Need to Know

Arc Flash

Today’s guest blog post is by Susan Lux, the Safety Sales Manager at HP Products. Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to prevent arc flash injuries has been available for years, but only recently has it become a hot topic among … [Read more...]

Winter Safety: Protect Your Workforce

Winter Safety

With the official start of the winter season almost here, we need to think about protecting our workers from severe cold and exposure hazards. During the winter, exposed skin rapidly becomes stressed from the temperature and the drying … [Read more...]

How to Become a Hidden Cost Hero

Hidden Cost Hero

Hidden costs are everywhere. Have you done an audit on your facility recently? If you dig deep into your facility’s daily routines, more often than not, you’ll find outdated and inefficient processes or established procedures that are not … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips for Healthcare Cleaning

healthcare cleaning

Today's guest blog post is presented by Rubbermaid Commercial Products, a preferred supplier for HP Products. Top 10 Tips for Healthcare Cleaning to Prevent Infection Always consider your personal safety before beginning any cleaning … [Read more...]