Recommendations for Preventing the Spread of Ebola

ebola virus

With the presence of the Ebola virus in the United States, now is a good time to review your current cleaning and safety protocols. Is it time to update your procedures and product solutions? The resources below from a few of our … [Read more...]

Prevent Forklift Injuries with These Safety Guidelines

Forklift Safety

Today’s guest blog post is by Kent Huber, VP of the Safety Division at HP Products. Powered Industrial Vehicles (PIVs), such as forklifts, are great tools that help us move products and materials from one area to another within our … [Read more...]

What You Can Do to Lessen the Impact of Rising Freight Costs

truck in storm

I've been watching the distribution business for many years, and there is a bit of a storm brewing in the transportation industry right now which will affect each and every one of us. As a nation, we move our goods by truck. It can be said … [Read more...]

New Findings: Bacteria in Laundered Towels Could Lead to Healthcare Associated Infections

laundered towels

Today's guest blog post is presented by Kimberly-Clark Professional*, a preferred supplier for HP Products. Can the very towels used to clean and disinfect patient rooms actually be spreading infection-causing bacteria? Results of a … [Read more...]

Should You Consider Using Solid Chemicals?


Today’s guest blog post is by Mike Dyer, Laundry and Dietary Equipment Manager at HP Products. In the 1970s, liquid detergents were brought into the market as an alternative to powder detergents. Liquids were easier to use and dilute – … [Read more...]