Don’t Let Urine Stains and Odors Tarnish Your Reputation

restroom with urine stains

We partnered with Clorox Professional*, a preferred supplier for HP Products, to present the content in today’s blog post. Tough-to-clean urine stains and odors can make an otherwise clean facility seem unappealing and dirty, despite the … [Read more...]

Protective Packaging – What’s Inside the Box?

Protective Packaging Warehouse with Boxes

Sometimes you need to think inside the box to deliver the best possible customer experience outside of the box. Nothing disappoints a customer more than opening a box to find damaged goods—not the ideal customer experience. The hero of … [Read more...]

Help New Hires Hit the Ground Running – Why Job Shadowing is a Must

Hit the ground running

Choosing the right candidate is only half of the challenge that employers are faced with when hiring new employees. The other half is properly onboarding the new hire in a way that will help them “hit the ground running” and ensure a … [Read more...]

Attend the 2015 Equipment Trade Show on August 28th in St. Louis

Cleaning Equipment

HP Products will host an Equipment Trade Show on August 28th at the HP Products St. Louis office. There will be new and innovative cleaning equipment available for you to try out yourself. All customers of HP Products within the St. … [Read more...]

School Custodians Go Above and Beyond The Call of Duty

Children wash their hands at school

School custodians play a big role in keeping students healthy - from vacuuming carpets in classrooms to disinfecting toilets in restrooms. While all custodians battle dust bunnies and germs, many go above and beyond their roles of … [Read more...]