Evacuation Day: Do You Have an Emergency Action Plan?

Do You Have an Emergency Action Plan?

Suffolk County in Massachusetts celebrates Evacuation Day on March 17th each year in conjunction with St. Patrick’s Day. While Bostonians celebrate the British’s evacuation during the American Revolutionary War (and Irish shenanigans), HP … [Read more...]

March Mania: Basketball Court Care

Basketball Court Care

When the NCAA College Basketball tournament hypes up during March, HP Products revels in the sounds of sneaker squeaks across gymnasium floors and foot stomps on bleachers. We get fired up for basketball and brackets, but the care for … [Read more...]

Ferguson Women Focus on the Big Picture

Working Women

We sat down with HP Products President Bridget Shuel-Walker and Ferguson General Manager Sharon Cooper to get their perspective on the landscape of leading within an industrial marketplace. Bridget Shuel-Walker didn’t dream of taking … [Read more...]

Battery Basics [Infographic]

Battery Basics

On National Battery Day, we look to understand the power of batteries and how to instill their proper care and recycling for all facilities. We use batteries everywhere, everyday. But how much do you really know about battery safety? Get … [Read more...]

Employers Must Hear OSHA on Hearing Conservation Programs

Hearing Conservation Programs

Temporary hearing loss occurs every day, but our bodies rejuvenate hearing after rest and no exposure to noise. However, for those exposed to loud noises throughout the workday, the risk for long-term, noise-induced hearing loss increases. … [Read more...]