Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Tips [SlideShare]


Extending the life and looks of your flooring requires regular maintenance. Although "regular" can mean very different things depending on the traffic, location, materials and desired look. To help you out, we've created a simple and … [Read more...]

Get Better Results and Spend Less Money with Dilution Control Cleaning Systems in Your Facility

Dilution Control Cleaning Systems

“Dilution control can be an underutilized system of cleaning,” says Dale McGinty, HP Products Industry Expert. “Often times, cleaning associates believe using more of a chemical during application provides a better result. In reality, … [Read more...]

Workplace Electrical Safety Tips [SlideShare]

Workplace Electrical Safety

Whether at home or in the office, only skilled electricians should work hands-on with power supplies. It still remains best practice for electricians to brush up on their safety precautions and for everyone else to know what to do, or not … [Read more...]

$1 per 650 Sq Feet: Custodial Cost Saving Strategies at Plainfield Schools

Plainfield High School Custodial Cost Savings Image

Plainfield Community School Corporation, just southwest of Indianapolis, IN, has been a partner of HP Products since 2007. In that time, the district has added an additional 450,000 square foot high school while only increasing custodial … [Read more...]

Packaging Equipment That Reduces Costs

stretch wrap

Cost reduction comes in many forms when you’re packaging product. You can speed up the process and ship more in the same amount of time, you can reduce breakage, cut down on supply costs and even increase workplace safety. “Adding … [Read more...]