Track Your Sustainability Efforts to Show the Value of Your Investments

Sustainability Dashboard

On April 22, join people around the world as they voice their appreciation for our planet and demand its protection in honor of Earth Day. Through its current campaign, Earth Day Network has reached over 1 billion acts of green, with the … [Read more...]

Avoid the Pinch of Leather Safety Glove Price Increases – A Guide to Leather Alternatives

leather grain

Astronomical increases in the price of luxury goods and tightened regulations on global supplies are raising some eyebrows within the leather industry. A recent 20-30% hike in hide and skin prices, combined with continued shortages of the … [Read more...]

Overcome the Toughest of Stains with Steam and Pretreatment

Spaghetti Stain on Carpet

There’s been an accident. A plate of spaghetti is overturned on the floor, and marinara spots decorate your carpet. As those spots have time to dwell and dry, they become stains. Stains require more effort to remove not only because of the … [Read more...]

Join Us in Chicago for the OSHA General Industry Course April 28th – May 1st

Manufacturing Plant

U.S. Safety Depot will host a dual OSHA General Industry Course designed to train individuals on the basics of occupational safety and health. The course will be held the week of April 28th at the HP Products Chicago office, located … [Read more...]

How to Care for Microfiber

Shrink Sweater in Laundry

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever ruined a brand new sweater or your favorite pair of pants in the laundry. It’s happened to everyone – from mistakenly washing a bright red shirt with white sheets, to throwing a wool sweater in the … [Read more...]