How to Manage The Best Sources for Maintaining a Clean, Safe and Healthy Facility

Reading News On a Tablet

At HP Products, our business spans across 8 segments that include 50,000 facility maintenance products. That’s a lot to keep track of, especially when it comes fielding all of the news, trends and insights that go along with these … [Read more...]

Peace of Mind After a Flood: Proper Safety and Clean Up


Floods are one of the costliest and most common natural disasters in the U.S.  According to the National Flood Insurance Program, from 2008-2012, the average flood insurance claim was $42,000. The costs and damages from a flood are almost … [Read more...]

Ozone Laundry Systems: A Cleaner, Leaner and Greener Solution

Green Laundry Dryer

Today’s guest blog post is by Mike Dyer, Laundry and Dietary Equipment Manager at HP Products. Once again, ozone systems are generating some buzz in commercial laundries. Ozone has been used in a variety of different industries for a … [Read more...]

Say Hello to Hands-Free Cleaning With Intellibot


No, it’s not a new Autobot designed to clean up mass destruction in the wake of the new Transformers movie. Nor is it the mild-mannered cousin of Dr. Who’s Dalek. Meet Intellibot, a new line of auto-scrubbers and vacuums that allow the … [Read more...]

Public Restroom Cleanliness is Serious Business

Cleaning Dirty Restroom

The stakes are high when it comes to public restrooms. A poorly maintained restroom is not only bad for your business image, but it can also adversely affect the health of everyone who passes through it. Regularly found in improperly … [Read more...]